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  ... No need to leave your valuables in your car, hide them or watch over them
LOCK'N GO  -  Your Secure Solution .  ANY Season .  Anywhere ...

Beaches . Ski Resorts . Concerts . Outdoor Festivals . Marathons . Sports Events . Trade Shows . Yacht, Canoe & Kayak Clubs . Campsites



valuables safely

introducing ...


Simple Security System

  IDEAL for ANY site

Beaches . Ski Resorts . Sports Events

Yacht, Canoe & Kayak Clubs





durable rotomolded polyethylene

UV inhibitors . Vibrant lasting colour

to install
. Snow or Sand


Long lasting

Environmentally friendly

Low maintenance

Free standing

Revenue generating




Install anywhere …

Outdoor Festivals
Sports Events
Trade Shows

any surface …

Grass . Clay . Concrete Sand . Snow


45 Lockers

 Operate Free or by Fee
Key / Token system
Keys mounted on bracelets & riveted  

Locks & keys included
Locker volume 35 L

Umbrella offers…

Protection from the elements
Sponsorship / Branding opportunities

Dimensions -

Height: 3 m / 9’11”
Diameter: 2.20 m / 7’3”
Weight: 450 kg / 992 lbs


Since 2007 -
French Mediterranean Beaches

Monaco -
All Year Long since 2008


Any Season!


What is the volume of a locker?
 35 L -  It can fit a motorcycle helmet, a backpack, a beach bag
 What is it made of?

Tough polyethylene with UV inhibitors for vibrant lasting colour
Resistant to outside temperatures &  impact
Doors absorb shock on impact & will return to original shape after a few hours

Where is it made?
Made in France
  Can it remain outside?

  Designed to stay outside, in wet areas & be stored outside year round

  How do I install it?

Usually delivered by tractor-trailer already assembled
on  pallet 160cm x 160cm x 240cm high (5’4” x 5’4” x 8’) without the umbrella
Easily moved with a forklift (long forks) or lifted with the towing ring
To finish - Mount umbrella
Save space unassembled - without pallet,  LOCK'N GO can stand in a 20’ or 40’ container 

CAUTION: Lift module only over short distances
WRAP to prevent dislodging of columns
or ENSURE all columns are strapped down when lifting module

Is specific hardware required to install or remove it?

As easy to assemble as LEGO
Average assembly / disassembly time - 45 minutes with 2 people

Basic tools needed - ladder, screwdrivers, wrenches
 A forklift is ideal to move module & fix it on a pallet
Dismantled, it can fit in a 12 m3 van
How big is it?

2.20m (7’3”) high without umbrella & 1.50m (4’11”) in diameter
With umbrella -  nearly 3m high (9’11”) & 2.20m (7’3”) in diameter
Weight - 450 kg (992lbs)
 Is it easy to take care of?

A simple cleaning of each part is recommended, at least once a year  
  Use water to remove dust and sand
 Lubricate locks to ensure longevity

Graffiti removable with plastic paint remover
Liquid cannot stagnate inside lockers thanks to slight incline
Opening at back allows continuous ventilation

  Can you easily change a door or other parts?

All parts are interchangeable
All parts can be bought separately
If a door needs to be replaced, you only need to dismantle one column
If a key is lost, what do I do?

We recommend changing the whole cylinder lock
Although there is a duplicate, you can never be sure the original key has been lost
Cylinder can be taken out with extraction key supplied
5 cylinders supplied as spare parts with each module

You also receive an additional master key
Locker keys are mounted on bracelets & riveted

Is there a charge for using the lockers or are they free?
 Both possibilities are available. That depends on you!
You can operate Free or by Fee using key / token system
  What colours are available?

Yellow or blue for the doors
Composite umbrella bases, columns & umbrella corners are grey

*Please contact us for specific requests
Manufacturing constraints can change the costs
What umbrellas are available?

Luxury Umbrella -
Maintenance free polymer with a metallic structure
Can resist up to a 150km/h wind
UV protection -  no colour fading
Diameter 2.2m / 7’3”
 Fixed on the module with 6 brackets

 Composite Umbrella -
Provides advertising / branding opportunities
Made in composite, in two parts
Diameter 2.4m / 7’11”

Is umbrella compulsory? 

No, but it does offer protection from the elements
Also prevents people from climbing on top of module
Great source of revenue
 On what surface can you install it?

 As long as surface is flat - can be installed almost anywhere
On grass, clay, concrete ...
If not, grading or deck-boards on 3m x 3m (10’ x 10’) would be perfect

Can it be fixed to the floor?

Yes, it comes with 3 brackets, so you can decide whether or not to fix it to floor
( for specific organizer or insurance request )
  What are the manufacturing lead times?

 Production time is 4 to 5 weeks, with an additional 3-4 weeks for shipping

 What else should I know?

We recommend LOCK'N GO be installed in a safe, busy & guarded location
Staff should have a master key in case a user loses their key